• Branding

    Making oneself standout among massive influx of businesses is a challenge for any company in the current business environment. Want evidence? Look at any TV channel, magazine, the brochures and mail shots you receive on daily basis or just browse the Internet. The huge number of ads and offers one faces every now and then is getting extremely ineffective and staggering. No wonder, why companies today are looking for new and more profound ways of strategizing their Brands.

    Brand Identity development

    The Brand is so much more than just the name, logo or tag lines. At Akos BMC, we assist our clients in identifying the most unique ways of developing their brands from brand positioning, through to brand identity, its values, brand personality and finally the brand covenant (promise). We follow an effective step by step process, and involve our clients in every stage of developing their brands, their key areas and their major points of difference.

    Brand Strategy

    We work with businesses from strategy making through fully integrated action plans to further position, manage and grow powerful brands. Our strategic brand consultancy combines strategic plans, analytical rigor and imagination in creating successful brands. Through strong brand strategy, we increase the awareness of our client's business and its offerings in such a way that creates strong associations and positive images the within the minds of business's end users and its stake holders with a more favourable view towards the company as a whole. To reach such a level of "brand equity" within your market, it takes in depth knowledge of brand strategy making and its deployment that we excel at.

  • Marketing Strategy and Communication

    So finally we are here, the brand plan is agreed, you have a brand strategy and a corporate identity that differentiates you from the competitors ... but wait a sec! no marketing strategy? no marketing communications plan? We would straight away get together to work on it.

    Marketing Strategy

    If you need assistance with your marketing strategy, we would initiate with good understanding of your business objectives, your products or services, the market you operate in, your competitors, and the customers you hope to sell to. The more we know about these areas the better the strategy turns out. Because we prefer an integrated marketing approach to every project we take on, you may expect plenty of discussions involving both contemporary and traditional, push and pull marketing strategies.
    At the end of our strategy making process, we will have a defined set of marketing objectives, we will get to know who your target markets are and we'll have a strong comprehension of how you will have to position your business to obtain a competitive edge. The final document will comprise marketing plan and strategies that could be used to communicate your unique selling propositions to your customers.

    Marketing Communication Plan

    The plan is a really helpful document that details plans and activities you will undertake, over a fixed period of time, to meet up the requirements of the marketing strategy and ultimately attain your business objectives.
    It's at this point we work together to make sure that the various marketing tools and tactics that are required to lie within your budget and inspire your target market to engage with your brand and become loyal customers.

  • Online Marketing and SEO

    We offer full-scale internet marketing services with a proven ability to drive web traffic. We specialize in boosting search rankings, and increasing leads and sales for large and small businesses. We take an individualized approach to each business because one size does not fit all with online marketing. Whatever your business needs are, we will work closely with you to determine the strategies that lead to real, online success. At Akos BMC, we offer a complete package of effective services that we can adapt to your company’s needs. We have years of experience adapting to search engine updates and algorithm changes. Do you need an updated website? Are you getting traffic that isn’t converting? Are you just starting a new business?  We can help!

    Our Services that can work for you

    - SEO                                                          - Web Development and Interactive Design

    - Link Building                                             - Search Engine Penalties & Reconsideration

    - On Page Optimization                               - Pay-Per-Click

    - Conversion Rate Optimization                  - Social Media Marketing

    - Content Creation and Optimization           - Analytics Analyse

  • Sales Support

    From strategy to execution, we also offer sales services that drive sustainable growth for start-ups and mid-market firms.

    Our services are easily customized to match your unique requirements. We work with our clients to determine the best solution. It also enable us to provide the exact services prescribed and to deliver those services, we make sure we hire only enthusiastic, bright, and ambitious people.

    Our sales services include:

    - Account and Territory Management

    - Tactical Sales Force

    - Strategic Sales Forces

    - In-Store/Outlet Sales Personnel

    - Telesales/Door to door sales

    - Transfer Order Sales

    - Appointment setting

    - Lead generation

    - Direct Sales

    All our services include both B2B and B2C settings

  • Design

    Design has long been the core of marketing communications and, despite rumours that its fame is coming to an end,– most concur that targeted & direct deliverables such as package design, mail shots, posters, brochures and promotions will certainly live on.

    How can I utilize my printed mediums and deliverables to the upmost?

    Just like your email marketing or web, printed deliverables must have a direction as to why they exist and who they are targeted to. If your rationale to create printed deliverables is just because your competitors have some, then it's most likely not going to produce the results you were looking for.
    Wouldn't it be awesome if you truly design and filter your printed deliverables around a certain market you were looking forward to reach and then targeted them with actual delivery? By gaining insights of your most relevant audience you could target your message, get your brochures designed with focus on segmented group and filter your mail shots so only the most relevant group of people gets it.

    Do I have to spend a fortune on printed deliverables?

    Luckily not! These days digital printing has improved quite a lot and even for test marketing or small campaigns, you can spend less and still reap good–quality rewards.
    And manufacturers who supply popular mediums like exhibition banners, signage and other promotional materials, now deliver a great variety of stuff than ever — which means there is something to suit all the budgets.

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